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The "Evento" project presents a comprehensive platform for both service owners and users. Service owners can create and manage events, and detailed profiles, ensuring accurate information about event names, descriptions, and pricing. Users enjoy the convenience of easy booking cancellations and can provide reasons for cancellations. The platform supports efficient category-based and time-slot-based service booking, providing users with flexibility in scheduling their events.

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For Rent

The "For Rent" is a platform where users can book luxury hotels, resorts, and catering facilities. Additionally, it allows users to select catering options tailored to their preferences and dietary requirements, as well as reserve various games and activities for an enjoyable stay.

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Padel Stadium

Padel Stadium is a platform where users can book a stadium. Owners can create detailed facility profiles, while users can easily find nearby stadiums, book by category or time slot, cancel bookings, and provide flexibility and convenience.

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Nouns Gallery

Noundry Gallery is a DAOApp where the traits for NFTs are made by their own users and community members. It offers services for users, to upload, manage, and edit their Traits, and Profile and make a really good network around the world in the Nouns community.

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Hall of frame

Hall of Fame is a platform where users and celebrities can seamlessly connect to book services. It allows celebrities to showcase their services, while users can easily browse, schedule, and book these services.

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Superintelligence is an advanced language model that enables natural language conversation. It can understand and generate human-like text for the school, content, personal, health, social, emails, business, and entertainment fields.

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Yield Magnet

Yield Magnet revolutionizes DeFi with the world's first decentralized marketplace for connecting asset managers and investors. Yield Magnet removes the stress and complexity of managing a portfolio with the power of decentralized mutual funds.

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Adil Alrooh

Adil Alrooh is an application that acts as a smart financial advisor that enables you to access financial comfort smartly and innovatively, by dividing your monthly income into balanced core portfolios, which enables you to reach financial comfort, in case you commit to each portfolio.

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Vindyy is an automated e-commerce store creation platform. It allows users to set up stores within 3-5 minutes including an admin panel and frontend.

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