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Evento - Events Booking Platform

Evento - Events Booking Platform


Evento - Events Booking Platform

The "Evento" project presents a comprehensive platform for both service owners and users. Service owners can create and manage events, and detailed profiles, ensuring accurate information about event names, descriptions, and pricing.

Users enjoy the convenience of easy booking cancellations and can provide reasons for cancellations. The platform supports efficient category-based and time-slot-based service booking, providing users with flexibility in scheduling their events. 


Beauty and Wellness




Events Booking Platform

Business Needs

Evento - Events Booking Platform

The Evento project is centered around identifying and securing an optimal venue for hosting salon services, body massages, and makeup-related events.

The venue selection process prioritizes maximizing accessibility for potential clients while ensuring compliance with local regulations and aligning with preferences in the beauty and wellness industry.  


Evento - Events Booking Platform

Core Features

Manage Service

- Service Creation

While, in their supplier role, can create a detailed profile for their respective services. This profile includes essential information about the facility, category and subcategory, and pricing. 

- Update and Delete

Owners have the ability to update and maintain their services, ensuring that all information remains accurate and up-to-date. They can also delete their profiles if necessary.

Manage Booking

- Booking Cancellation (User)

Normal users can cancel their service bookings with a valid reason, making it convenient for them to adjust their plans when needed. 

- Booking Management (Supplier)

Suppliers have control over bookings and can take actions such as accepting, completing, or canceling bookings. This feature allows suppliers to efficiently manage their service reservations.

Service Booking

- Category-Based Booking

Users can book services according to predefined categories and subcategories.

- Time Slot Booking

Booking is done in hourly time slots, allowing users to reserve the service for a specific duration.

Technologies Used

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