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Padel Stadium - Stadium Booking Web Application

Padel Stadium - Stadium Booking Web Application


Padel Stadium - Stadium Booking Web Application

Padel Stadium is a platform where users can book a stadium. Owners can create detailed facility profiles, while users can easily find nearby stadiums, book by category or time slot, cancel bookings, and provide flexibility and convenience.






Stadium Booking Platform

Business Needs

Padel Stadium - Stadium Booking Web Application

The Padel Stadium project aims to identify and secure a suitable location for the construction of a Padel stadium.

This location should be strategically chosen to maximize accessibility for potential customers and align with local zoning regulations and preferences.

Once the location is selected, the need is to book the stadium facility according to predefined categories, such as the number of courts, facilities, and any additional services. 


Padel Stadium - Stadium Booking Web Application

Accurate User Location Identification

Identifying the user's current location accurately can be challenging, especially in cases where GPS data is unreliable or when users access the booking platform remotely. Overcoming this challenge is essential for providing location-based services and targeted marketing.

Secure Payment Integration

Integrating a secure and user-friendly payment system for booking the stadium slots can be complex. Ensuring that the payment gateway is robust, compliant with payment regulations, and accessible to users can be a significant challenge.

Efficient Slot Booking System

Providing an efficient slot booking system that allows users to reserve Stadium courts at their preferred times while avoiding conflicts and double bookings can be a logistical challenge. It's crucial to implement a seamless and user-friendly interface for this purpose.


Padel Stadium - Stadium Booking Web Application

Core Features

Manage Stadium

- Owner Profile Creation

Stadium owners, in their supplier role, can create a detailed profile for their respective stadiums. This profile includes essential information about the facility, such as location, number of courts, amenities, and pricing.

- Update and Delete

Owners have the ability to update and maintain their stadium profiles, ensuring that all information remains accurate and up-to-date. They can also delete their profiles if necessary.

Manage Booking

- Booking Cancellation (User)

Normal users can cancel their stadium bookings with a valid reason, making it convenient for them to adjust their plans when needed. 

- Booking Management (Supplier)

Suppliers have control over bookings and can take actions such as accepting, completing, or canceling bookings. This feature allows suppliers to efficiently manage their stadium's reservations.

Nearby Location Search Stadium

- Location-Based Search

Users can search for nearby Padel stadiums based on their current location. If location services are enabled, the platform helps users find and choose stadiums that are conveniently situated.

Stadium Booking

- Category-Based Booking

Users can book Padel stadiums according to predefined categories, specifying the number of courts, duration, and additional services. This ensures that users can reserve precisely what they need for their games. 

 - Time Slot Booking

Booking is done in hourly time slots, allowing users to reserve the stadium for a specific duration. Users only pay for the time slots they book, providing flexibility in scheduling.

Payment Profile

- Payment History and Bank Info (Supplier)

Supplier role users can access their payment withdrawal history, view transaction details, and update their bank information for receiving payments directly. This feature ensures financial transparency and easy payment management.

Payment Approval (Admin)

Admin can review and approve or reject supplier payments, enhancing the financial security and integrity of the platform.

Technologies Used

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