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Vindyy - Online eCommerce Store Builder

Vindyy - Online eCommerce Store Builder


Vindyy - Online eCommerce Store Builder

Vindyy is an automated e-commerce store creation platform. It allows users to set up stores within 3-5 minutes including an admin panel and frontend.






Online e-commerce store creation

Business Needs

Vindyy - Online eCommerce Store Builder

The Vindyy project had a clear vision to create an automated feature-rich e-commerce store creation platform that allows users to create their e-commerce stores through automation.

The platform needed to cover various aspects, including inventory management, product handling, custom domain integration, payment integration, and a user-friendly admin panel.

If users don’t want to integrate custom domains then they can create instant e-commerce stores with subdomains under


Vindyy - Online eCommerce Store Builder

However, achieving this vision came with its own set of challenges. These included:

Implementing Automation for Store Creation

Integrating various third-party services and systems, such as payment gateways, shipping providers, and inventory management tools.

Managing Product Variations during product listing

Managing product variations during product listing ensures consistent and accurate data across all variations, such as pricing, availability, images, and product descriptions.

Order management

Managing large inventory where changes need to be synchronized in real-time.


Vindyy - Online eCommerce Store Builder

Core Features

Automated Store Creation

Automated process allows users to create fully functional e-commerce stores in just 3-5 minutes. 

This process included setting up a subdomain under for immediate access.

Admin Panel

Create an intuitive admin panel, simplifying store owners' tasks in managing products, inventory, orders, and other essential aspects.

Product Management

Designed a system that enables users to easily add, edit, and organize their products, including support for adding product variants.

Technologies Used

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